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LG Optimus L9 Manual User Guide And Download Pdf

lg optimus l9
Here we provide manual user guide LG Optimus L9 in pdf format,in the manual user guide pdf countains a features,specs smartphone,troubleshooting,draf of menu,using internet,using games,using menu,using video player,using music player and many more,to Manual user guide LG Optimus L9 download we provide at the end this page,for more info you can visit the official website.

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lg optimus l9

Device Overview of LG Optimus L9 smartphone

1. Earpiece
2. Front-Facing Camera Lens
3. Proximity Sensor
4. Power/Lock Key
5. Touch screen
6. Back Key
7. Home Key
8. Menu Key
9. Volume Keys
10. Power/Lock Key
11. 3.5mm Headset Jack
12. Microphone
13. Back Camera Lens
14. Flash
15. Speaker
16. Charger/Accessory Port
17. Microphone

To know  operating guide operating instruction and troubleshooting tips of LG Optimus L9 smartphone, you can download this LG Optimus L9 user manual.to know about other smartphone here

Table contents of LG Optimus L9 user manual

  •     Important Customer Information
  •     Technical Details
  •     Getting to know your phone
  •     Your Home screen
  •     Google account setup
  •     Connecting to Networks and Devices
  •     Calls
  •     Contacts
  •     Messaging
  •     Email
  •     Camera
  •     LG Unique Functions
  •     Multimedia
  •     Utilities
  •     The Web
  •     Settings
  •     Phone software update
  •     Accessories
  •     Technical data
  •     Safety
  •     Specifications

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